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Ice Solution is an ice cream calculator that uses a few simple questions to create the perfect recipe, so that everyone can make the most beautiful ice cream in any desired taste without the know how. Whether you go for basic flavors or perhaps complex unusual flavors, there is a recipe for everyone.

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All your recipes are saved in your account and can be downloaded at any time.


There are up to 800 different types of ingredients and flavors you can use.


You can buy all the necessary ingredients by clicking “Ice Cream Supplies” at the top of the webpage or by clicking “Buy Ingredients” when logged in to the ice cream calculator.


You will find an extensive description and working process on each recipe.

Your own Flavors

If your desired ingredient is not available, you can add your own ingredients. This will be saved in your account so that you can use them again at a later date.

Ice Solution’s recipes

If you want to buy a standard ice cream recipe from Ice Solution, you can do so by clicking on “ice cream supplies” at the top of the webpage or by clicking on “buy ingredients” when logged in to the ice cream calculator.

Recipe generator

On the left you see the recipe generator as it is when you start. At the top it is necessary to fill in the estimated total amount with which you want to end up.

Type of ice cream

Under the desired amount, you will find the desired type of ice cream. When you click on “select an option” you will find an number of choices;

  • Vegan “cream” based
  • Cream based
  • Gelato
  • Sorbet

Dairy type

Once you’ve chosen an ice cream type, a base dairy option will appear on the right. If you click on “select an option” you will find all the different types of dairy that you can use. With the vegan “cream” based type, these are all dairy substitutes such as oat milk and soy milk. For cream and gelato based you have options such as cow, sheep and goat dairy in multiple options. If you have selected sorbet as the type of ice cream, you do not need to fill in this option.


Under the ice cream option you will find the desired sweetness option. Here you have 3 options;

  • savory
  • slightly sweet
  • sweet

Click on the information icon and read the comments. There are some requirements regarding the pac components to use with the different sweetness options. There are also some specific requirements if you want to make low-carb ice cream.


After choosing a sweetness level, an option for your preferred filler will appear on the right. Here you can choose your desired filler. There may be requirements regarding the choice of sweetness or low-carb variants.

Please take note of this

You can find this information by clicking on the information butten next to the desired sweetness.

Sugar and sweetener components

The following are the Sugar and sweetener components. Clicking on the bar will bring you a drop-down menu with all the different types of sugars, sweeteners, and more. Clicking on your option will add them to the calculator. In the bar you can also find your selection by typing. You can choose as many as you want, but don’t choose too many because you don’t need to. It is not guaranteed that they will all be used, as they may not be necessary for good results.

Flavouring agents

The last step is to add the flavorings. This is the most important step and requires a little insight and knowledge of your desired product.

Click the information button and read the comments before selecting your flavors. In the comments you will find general guidelines and warnings about the different properties of some product groups. Here you will also find an overview of the available categories. You can scroll through the list, but you can also search by flavors and product categories.

You can add up to 4 different flavors. For each flavor you must enter the desired amount in %, the amount in grams appears to the right of the bar.


You can find this information by clicking on the information butten next to the flavouring agents.


When everything is filled in, you can press calculate and your recipe will be calculated. As soon as it is successful, you will receive a notification in the top right of the screen.

Your recipe can now be found and downloaded by scrolling down. It can also be found and downloaded in your account at “my recipes”.


1 recipe       €7,-

3 recipes     €20,-

5 recipes     €30,-

10 recipes   €55,-

25 recipes     €130,-

50 recipes     €250,-

100 recipes   €450,-

Herman Cooijmans

Restaurant EDEN “Spannend, vernieuwend maar vooral tegendraads dat is onze signatuur” Restaurant Eden gevestigd in het mooie Brabant staat voor gastvrijheid, gastronomie en beleving. Wij prikkelen onze gasten met uitgesproken smaken en een onmiskenbare presentatie van...


Mono- and disaccharides Today I want to talk about sugars. Sugars are one of the main ingredients in ice cream making. Anyone who makes their own ice cream will mainly opt for dextrose or sucrose, as has been done for many years. Over the years we discover more and...


Mono- en disachariden Vandaag wil ik het gaan hebben over suikers. Suikers zijn een van de hoofd ingrediënten bij het maken van ijs. Iedereen die zelf ijs maakt zal vooral kiezen voor dextrose of sacharose, zoals al vele jaren wordt gedaan. Met de jaren ontdekken we...

Ice Solution English

Ice solution is the new platform of Michelin star chef Herman Cooijmans. Head Chef at Restaurant EDEN in Valkenswaard near Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Herman Cooijmans decided after years of working in the high segment restaurants, he decided in 2018 to start his own...

Ice Solution

Ice solution is het nieuwe platform van Michelin sterrenchef Herman Cooijmans. Chef-kok en eigenaar van Restaurant EDEN in Valkenswaard, in de buurt van Eindhoven, Nederland. Nadat Herman Cooijmans jaren lang op hoog niveau werkzaam is geweest, besloot hij in 2018 om...


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