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Ice Solution is the new platform of Michelin star chef Herman Cooijmans. Head Chef at Restaurant EDEN* in Valkenswaard near Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

The Ice Cream Calculator

Now after 3 years Herman Cooijmans is launching his ice cream calculator called Ice Solution. An ice cream calculation app that creates ice cream recipes. You will find it at his ice cream portal that is accessible for everyone.

Due to the high demand i have for different applications. I have created this application first as a excel sheet during the corona pendamic. It has taken over 2 years of producing it from scrats, and fine tuning it to what it is today. I developed this for myself to make my work easier. But after completing Ice Solution, i had it made into a web application to be able to offer this convenience to everyone.

The goal is to make it easy for everyone to make ice cream recipes without having to have the necessary knowledge. It doesn’t just make a difference in knowledge, it also saves development time and money.

Calculating a ice cream recipe takes time, and sometimes also a number of attempts in practice. This time and all the ingredients all cost money, money that can be saved to a great extent in this way.

Ice Solution’s Features

Herman’s eccentricity is reflected in his calculator. Ice Solution currently has about 700 different flavors in the ice cream calculator to make ice cream, and this continues to grow, he says. There are also about 100 different sugars, sweeteners and sugar syrups available. In this way he wants to offer the possibilities as broadly as possible.

Sugars and sweeteners each have their own properties that can help you with individual ice cream types. Because a lot of sugars are not easy to obtain, or are offered to expensively, Herman chooses to offer some of them himself in the webshop of his restaurant.


I made it so that you can make not only sweet ice cream recipes. You can also make slightly sweet and savory ice cream recipes. Even low-carb ice cream is possible with the right set of sweeteners. These options are all available for cream-based ice cream, gelato (milk-based ice cream), ice cream made from dairy substitutes (vegan “cream” ice cream) and sorbet ice cream.


The ice cream calculator

It is always evolving. New flavors will be added over time. You can add your own flavoring, and this will become more complex for experts over time. If I haven’t added the flavoring you want yet, you can enter it yourself. Please note that for this the ingredients list of the product and the nutritional value are needed. We will always look for new flavorings to add to the flavoring list. With the current flavor list I hope you can come a long way. With almost 700 different flavorings. 100 different sugars, sweeteners and sugar syrups with different flavors. The possibilities are already endless. This i accectly what it needs to be for me. A tool that is able to create and calculate anything i desire. 

sugars and sweeteners (pac component)

Each sugar and sweetener has it’s own unique properties. A brief description of the unique properties of some components can be found in the via the link on you can also buy less common types of sugars and sweeteners. Due to different properties of the pac components you can control the texture, structure, mouthfeel, sweetness, calorie value and much more. Trehalose is a good example. This prevents the denaturalization of proteins, among other things, so that your ice cream remains stable for a longer period of time. And it only has a sweetening power of 45% compared to sucrose (table sugar). You can learn more about this in my articles, here you find information about sugars, sweeteners like polyols, how to use the ice cream calculator to ccreate the perfect ice cream recipe and so much more.

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Ice Solution

This way I want to give everyone the opportunity to create what they want. So you don’t have to depend only on the current local ice cream suppliers. You can use your own flavors, or combine them with the most commonly used flavors in the hospitality industry such as; fruit and vegetable purees from the Boiron les vergers brand. The chocolates from Barry Callebaut. But it also contains unprocessed vegetables, fruit, nuts, etc. And ofcourse dairy and dairy substitutes.

Best of all, you don’t need to have any knowledge to put together an ice cream recipe. The ice cream calculator calculates everything for you based on a few simple questions. You insert the ingredients, the app does the rest. In this way, anyone can make beautiful ice cream and the best ie cream recipe without having followed extensive studies and courses. And the ingredients for your ice cream recipe. You will find them in my restaurants webshop.

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