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Herman Cooijmans


My name is Herman Cooijmans. I am co-owner and Head Chef of restaurant EDEN* in Valkenswaard (near Eindhoven), The Netherlands. Ever since my education I have chosen a path in which craft is important. This is therefore an important guideline in my own kitchen. Not only so that you can put your own spin on everything, but also because you can only understand something truely when you know how to make it yourself.

My cooking style in my restaurant can be called eccentric and experimental. This is due to my strong own vision of food, flavors and their impact. From my cooking vision I am always looking for the unknown, whether it concerns a product, flavor combination or serving location within the menu.

This is what Restaurant EDEN* has become known for, and because of this we have already been awarded a Michelin star in less than a year after our start.

That day I also received the greatest compliment I have ever received. And it was that Chief Inspector/ Michelin guide director for the Benelux, Werner Loens named me and my cooking style as the thing that stuck with him most about that assessment year (2019) because of my vision on food and my way of combining flavors.

What motivated

Herman Cooijmans


In short Herman and ice cream. For the past year I have been making an ice cream calculator. This is a calculator that can generate a recipe for any desired taste. This way I can add crazy ingredients and flavorings. The calculator disassembles all parts of the flavorings to ensure that the end result can always be correctly calculated. The only thing the calculator doesn’t know is associated properties of specific ingredients. All this to calculate the perfect ice cream with the best texture, hardness and mouthfeel.

This is because in my restaurant I am always looking for new things that do not yet exist, and combinations that are not obvious. As an example, last winter we combined caramelized sprouts in a dessert with rutabaga ice cream. Rutabaga ice cream is not available anywhere, and I have an ice cream machine, so I’m going to make my own rutabaga ice cream.

However, if I want to be able to do that, I must have a very good and strong knowledge of preparing ice cream. And with the wishes I have, this often only stops at the molecular level and a few mathematical calculations. I have further perfected this knowledge for myself in recent corona years. While I was further familiarizing myself with this, I incorporated all my knowledge into a calculation formula. If you want to know more about how to calculate an ice cream recipe, you can visit my articles. Here you will find all the information you need to know about making ice cream recipes.

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