When did my weird ice cream creations start

Shortly before I started as an entrepreneur myself, I started to shape my cooking style more and more in my vision of taste. While I was employed as a head chef at Juliana in Valkenburg, I carefully started experimenting. One of the first really weird experiments I did was making black pudding ice cream. At the time, I didn’t have the knowledge and expertise to make an ice cream recipe in a matter of minutes. Ice Solution’s ice cream calculator did not exist then either. So I had to do the ice cream calculation by hand.

black pudding ice cream recipe ice solution

Why black pudding

I personally love products such as black pudding and beef jelly. The taste of black pudding always leads my mind to speculaas spices, cinnamon, cloves, dark chocolate and other ripe and rich spices that often symbolize autumn and winter. When I suggested that I wanted to create a dessert with black pudding, I was looked at very strangely and I quickly received a firm and clear answer. NO!

I, as stubborn as I am, decided to just create this anyway. Because I did not yet have the convenience of the Ice Solution ice calculator, I had to calculate the ice cream recipe by hand. I started to calculate what is actually contained in black pudding in terms of fat, liquid, and dry matter. But also test what the properties of the black pudding actually do with my ice cream, such as the flour that is used for binding. And how that affects the creaminess and mouthfeel of the ice cream result.

What was created?

After 3 months of testing, when I had some time between the mise a place, I finally finished my dessert. Dark chocolate cremeaux with cloves, a pear tarte tatin, quince compote, cinnamon merengue, vanilla creme and of course black pudding ice cream. In these 3 months I have also been continuously working on this. Keep pushing and keep trying. When it was finished after 3 months, I was allowed to taste it anyway.

In the end they were super enthusiastic, but reluctant. It is quite a step to take to serve this in your restaurant. And how will the guests react to this?

You’ll find an image of the dish at the top of this page.

Present day

Now, years later, I’ve decided to perfect this amazing black pudding ice cream recipe with Ice Solution’s ice cream calculator and use it again. This time in my favorite courses, the pre-dessert. Of course in the style that now typifies me. The French toast. Brioche dipped in a liaison with truffle. Then baked and caramelized. A crème patissier made from breakfast bacon, chestnut mushrooms, fresh truffle, oxidized maple syrup and ofcourse black pudding ice cream. The perfect transition from the main course to the dessert. You can now find this dish in our inspiration menu at my restaurant. But also in our Christmas menu from 2022.

Discover it now at Restaurant EDEN.

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