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I would like to take you into my image and vision about preparing dishes. This time I want to talk about a starter that I developed at Restaurant EDEN and tell you the story of how the mulberry ice cream recipe came to be.


Chicken stomachs & Argentine shrimp with mulberry ice creme.

This appetizer is the result of a collaboration between Ice Solution and Debic. From the start with cream plus Mascarpone from debic I started thinking. In my cooking style I like to show products and flavors in their value based on their own properties. In this case I have a creamy and full base because of the cream, with the fresh acidity of mascarpone. Because the collaboration was all about making an ice cream recipe, the direction was clear.

But how can I turn this into a beautiful ice cream, an ice cream that triggers and surprises. How can I show my cooking style with this product. From the idea of ​​the taste profile, I quickly came up with a number of flavor combinations that already “tasted” to me in my mind. Not all ice cream has to be sweet, in fact, my ice creams are almost always less sweet than you expect. So is this ice cream I created. A taste direction has arisen that reminded me of couscous and caesar salad, so I ended up with the starter as a menu location.

The Search for my signiture

I filtered everything into separate flavor components, and looked for an alternative that would fit better in my image. An alternative with a sometimes somewhat undervalued product. The mulberry. This is how this ice cream recipe was created. This ice cream is sweet from the mulberries alone, and for the ripe flavors I’ve fine-tuned with mace and fenugreek. So I started thinking in a middle eastern direction. As a result, I have arrived at a number of ingredients in my garnish that can handle this well, namely; chicken stomachs and Argentinian shrimp.

The chicken stomachs because this is actually a less frequently used part and I prefer to use a part that is just as tasty, but is actually always thrown away because so few people work with it. I think this is a shame and I believe that everything from an animal should be used when it is killed. That is why you will sometimes see me opting for less known or less obvious product choices.

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