The ice calculation from Ice Solution


I would like to give a broader explanation of what the ice cream calculation of Ice Solution actually does.

You’ve already read in a number of places here on the website that there is only one but easy questions to answer in order to make an ice cream recipe.
But what actually happens?

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The ice cream calculation


The ice cream calculator has fixed settings that are worked with to ensure that no expert knowledge is needed to make high quality ice cream recipe. Everything is taken into account and calculated. Every part and every ingredient there is in the ice cream recipe is completely dissected. This is because there are different parameters associated with the ice cream that it must meet at a minimum and or maximum.

Individual parameters



The fat content is a variable between 3 parameters.
The dairy substitutes or vegan “dairy” based ice cream recipes are set at 10% fat.
While gelato is at 5% and the cream ice cream types at either 10 or 15% depending on your flavoring.

If you want to use the expert version of the ice cream calculator, you can set your own fat percentage. This can be anything from 0% to 18% fat. It should be noted, however, that anything above 15% fatty matter may have a detrimental effect on the structure and texture of the ice cream, and thus affects its scoopability, melting behavior and mouth feel.

The way dairy is set up now is that you choose from a dairy direction, with the default type of dairy linked from me. That means that each dairy type contains a low fat substance (like milk), contains a medium high fat substance (like cream) and contains a high fat substance (like butter). With the combination of those 3, the ice cream calculator will search for a composition that meets the parameters.

In the expert version you can choose this yourself.
You have 3 categories where you can enter 1 ingredient.
You have liquid low fat.
These are dairy types and dairy substitutes from 0 to 5% fat.
Followed by the liquid high fat.
These are dairy types and dairy substitutes from 6% to 40% fat.
And finally butters and other fats.
Here you can choose from products that have 41% fat or more.

Freezing point reduction

The freezing point reduction is now always the same. It is set so that you always have a nice and creamy ice cream if you keep it between -14 and -16 degrees Celsius.

In the expert version it is possible to choose your own temperature. You can choose temperatures from -10 to -16 degrees Celsius. The required freezing point reduction is linked to this. The ice cream calculation knows for each ingredient that is entered what its effect is on the freezing point reduction, and uses this information to choose from the entered sugars and sweeteners which ones to use and in what quantity this is needed to achieve the desired result.

Note carefully that you can store twisted ice very well at a lower temperature when not in use. However, your ice cream will become too soft if stored at too warm a temperature. This can cause compounds in your ice cream to separate, and eventually you will get a sort of slush puppy effect in which crystallized ice cream (water) sits on top, and the sugar syrup has sunk to the bottom.


In the ice cream calculation you can choose your desired sweetness level. This is a fixed level.

You have the choice between 3 degrees of sweetness intensities. You can choose;

  • Savoury
  • Slightly
  • Sweet Sweet

The ice cream calculation takes into account your choice by means of sugars and sweeteners to be used (the sugars and sweeteners that you have entered). If your choice is not feasible with the selected sugars and sweeteners, you will receive a notification. Each different sweetener has different basic requirements. This does not always guarantee results. Because the result depends on the flavouring. And that is completely in your hands. But it already indicates most of the direction you need to go to generate a good ice cream recipe with your desires. In the expert version, you can choose your own sweetness. Starting with 8 (savoury) and going up to 23 (which is really very sweet) per 1 point.

Benefits of the ice cream calculation

Ice Solution was created for 2 main reasons.
On the one hand because it is almost impossible to calculate complex flavor compositions with different sugars and sweeteners into a recipe.
On the other hand because experience shows that you do not always manage to create the right texture structure and smoothness in one go with complex ice cream types and/or flavor compositions.
This will not only cost you or your employees time.
But it also costs money because you have to buy ingredients and throw them away every time the result is not good.

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