Seasonal Holidays At Ice Solution

Birthday during the holiday season

The months of November and December 2022 are extra special for Ice Solution. That’s when we celebrate our birthday. This year we will be 1 year old, and we want to celebrate that together with you! This period is also the seasonal holidays period. A period dominated by all the holidays in which food and drink play a major role, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, but also the days on which you do your shopping for these holidays, such as black friday and cyber monday.

Seasonal holidays discount

During the seasonal holidays we lower our prices by 50%. That means that you can buy with discount during all the promotional day’s like black friday and cyber monday. For one entire month you can make an ice cream recipe of your favorite type of ice cream for a promotional price of €2.13. Take this opportunity to get acquainted with all the comforts and functions of Ice Solution. The promotion runs from Thursday, November 24, 2022 (Thanksgiving) to Monday, December 26, 2022 (2nd day of Christmas).

seasonal holidays holiday season christmas thanksgiving black friday cyber monday new year's eve
holiday season christmas thanksgiving

Ice Calculator

At Ice Solution you make the most beautiful ice cream recipes. Make the most delicious ice cream for Thanksgiving, Christmas or any other special occasion or holiday during the seasonal holidays. With a choice of sorbet ice cream, ice cream, milk ice cream and even vegan ice cream based on dairy substitutes. There is something for everyone.

Even if you would like to make one of the variants sugar-free or low-sugar, you have come to the right place to create the right ice cream as a dessert at home, or as a component in the dessert in your restaurant / company. Take advantage of high discounts and make those ice cream recipes now.

Ice Cream Calculation

With the ice cream calculator from ice solution you have the widest choice. With up to 100 different types of sugars and sweeteners and at least 700 different flavors, everything is possible to make your ice cream recipe exactly the way you want it. Vegan, sugar free, or regular types like milk ice cream, ice cream or sorbet ice cream, it is all possible. The ice cream calculator has all the knowledge programmed, so you don’t need any knowledge to create a perfect ice cream recipe.

Is there a flavoring you want to use that isn’t listed? No problem, you can add your own flavors yourself and save them in your account, this flavoring will then be added to the flavoring option in the ice cream calculator. Therefore you have no reason not to make and serve the tastiest ice cream and the most beautiful ice cream recipes during the seasonal holidays, Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve.

Expert settings

Do you want to stay in control yourself? With the expert settings you can enter all parameters yourself.


Determine the hardness based on the temperature at which you want to store your ice cream, starting at -10 degrees Celsius up to and including -16 degrees Celsius.

Determine your sweetness yourself

The sweetness is adjustable from 8% (savory) to 23% (very sweet).

Fat content

You can enter the fat percentage yourself. Starting at 0% if you want to make sorbet up to 18% for a very full and creamy ice cream.

Dairy mix

In case you want to make a milk ice cream or cream based ice cream, you can compose your own dairy mix. You have 3 categories that you can specify. Dairy up to 5% fat, dairy from 6% to 40% and dairy from 41% to 100% fat.


Save the different settings so you can quickly switch between your settings while creating your ice cream recipes.

Thanksgiving 2022

Not only our birthday is a reason to celebrate. One of the seasonal holidays is Thanksgiving, this holiday is just as important to us. It is a celebration and thanksgiving for that year’s harvest. This is celebrated with elaborate meals, family and friends. And of course that includes delicious ice cream.

At ice solution we don’t just want to think about Thanksgiving, but everyone who celebrates the harvest. This happens all over the world, everyone in their own way and yet all in the same way and around the same period of the year. And that is why it is a party for everyone with us. Because we think every holiday that is spent on the harvest is important, we have listed all variants below.

holiday season christmas thanksgiving

Christmas 2022

At Christmas you’re in the right place at Ice Solution, because we celebrate a whole month of celebrations. Food also plays a major role at Christmas. And we would like to facilitate this for you as best as possible. sorbet ice cream, ice cream, milk ice cream and even vegan ice cream based on dairy substitutes. Even if you would like to make one of the variants sugar-free or low-sugar, you have come to the right place.

The right ice cream as a dessert at home, or as a component in the dessert in your restaurant / company. Make Christmas extra special this year with the most beautiful ice cream recipes. Even your guests with allergies and dietary requirements you can provide with the most beautiful ice cream creations.

Black Friday 2022

After Thanksgiving it is Black Friday and cyber monday. Black friday marks the start of the Christmas season. It is not really part of the seasonal holidays, but it is an important day to buy all the presents you want to give during the seasonal holidays.

Don’t feel like physically making your purchases on Black Friday in all the hustle and bustle? Then take advantage of our promotion. 50% discount on our credits, and make the most beautiful ice cream recipes starting at €2.13. Or use our promotional prices to spend extra time on the ice cream you want to serve to guests, friends and family during the holidays.

Cyber ​​Monday 2022

Of course cyber monday is really our day. Where Black Friday originated from physical sales with a discount to make Christmas purchases, Cyber ​​Monday is all about online purchases for Christmas. So take advantage of the promotion during the seasonal holidays in our online ice cream calculator on cyber monday.

Make the most beautiful ice cream calculations and create the most beautiful ice cream recipes. And the best part is, your recipe is yours, downloadable as a PDF, for the rest of your life. You are not tied to subscriptions to keep accessing your recipes. So take advantage of the cyber monday deal. It is a one-time purchase!

New Year’s Eve

After all the hustle and bustle, fun, food and hectic, we naturally close the holidays with a party on New Year’s Eve. Fireworks, family, friends and of course everything accompanied by good food and drink. You can use all the credits that you were able to buy during Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday in the run-up to New Year’s Eve to put the best ice cream on the table.

Harvest Feasts



East Asia

Indian subcontinent

Southeast Asia

Middle East

    • Hasyl toýy (or Hasyl Bayramy): Turkmenistan: traditionally last Sunday in November; observed second Sunday of November[3] since specified in the Labor Code c. 2017
    • Mehregan: Iran, Ancient Persia; 2 October
    • Sukkot: Jewish harvest festival lasting eight days in the autumn, in which time is spent in tabernacles or booths
    • Shavuot: Jewish harvest festival marking the wheat harvest in Israel
    • Alaverdoba and Rtveli: Georgia


        • Bagach (Багач): Belarus
        • Bénichon: celebrated (usually by a huge seven-course menu) in Catholic parts of the French-speaking Switzerland; a combined harvest festival, thanksgiving and Rindya (the day when the animals are brought back from the high altitude pastures in the Alps and when all villagers are also therefore back); see fr:Bénichon
        • Dankdag voor Gewas en Arbeid: Netherlands, every first Wednesday of November; Thanksgiving Day for crop and labor
        • Dożynki: Poland / Dazhynki: Belarus[4] / Dožínky, Obžinky: Czech Republic / Обжинки (Obzhynky or Obzhynky): Ukraine / Обжинки (Obzhynki), Осенины (Oseniny) : Russia, a Slavic harvest festival celebrated in several central and eastern European countries
        • Erntedankfest (Harvest Thanksgiving): Germany and Austria; traditionally on the first Sunday after Michaelmas, this means 30 September or later. At present, Protestant and Catholic churches recommend the first Sunday in October.
        • Festa e Grurit (Wheat Festival): used to mark the end of the harvest of wheat in Communist Albania; no longer observed
        • Freyfaxi (August 1): marks the beginning of the harvest in Norse paganism; historically from Iceland, the celebration consists of blót, horse races, martial sports, and other events, often dedicated to the god Freyr
        • Guldize: Cornwall, United Kingdom
        • Harvest festival: United Kingdom
        • Kekri: an old Finnish feast celebrated at the beginning of November, corresponding to Halloween
        • Lammas or Lughnasadh: celebration of first harvest/grain harvest in Paganism and Wicca spirituality and by the ancient Celts; 1 August
        • Mabon (Autumnal Equinox): the second of three recognized harvest sabbats in Paganism and Wicca
        • Mhellia: Isle of Man
        • Miķeļdiena: harvest festival in Latvia; 29 September; signals the end of summer (Mikeli)
        • Прачыстая ‘Prachystaya’: Belarus
        • The Presidential Harvest Festival in Spała and Jasna Góra Harvest Festival: Poland, first week of September to begin the first week of October
        • Samhain: the third and final of three recognized harvest sabbats in Paganism and Wicca; celebration of the end of the harvest season and beginning of the Celtic New Year; 31 October
        • Savior of the Apple Feast Day: Russia, Ukraine; 19 August
        • Spice wreath / Cununa de spice: Romania; July
        • Szüreti Fesztivál or Szüreti Napok: literally “harvest festival” or “harvest days”; celebrated in various rural towns of Hungary
        • Timoleague: annual harvest festival held in August; Tigh Molaige in Irish

      The Americas


      South America