Welcome to Ice solution is the new platform of Michelin star chef Herman Cooijmans. Head Chef at Restaurant EDEN* in Valkenswaard near Eindhoven, The Netherlands.


His Restaurant

Herman Cooijmans decided after years of working in the high segment restaurants, to start his own restaurant in 2018. Together with a friend, former colleague and Sommelier Robin Groos they started together on the Eindhovenseweg 115 in Valkenswaard.

Their style is different, eccentric and experimental. Like stingray wing with strawberries and rhubarb, or vanilla parfait with a nice dried pork ham with caviar. With these daring combinations, the two managed to earn their recognition at Michelin within less than a year after opening. They are awarded a Michelin star.

Ice Solution, The ice cream Calculator

Now after 3 years Herman Cooijmans is launching his ice cream calculator called Ice Solution. An ice cream portal that is accessible for everyone. He developed this for himself to make his work easier. But after completing Ice Solution, he has had it made into a web application to be able to offer this convenience to everyone. According to Herman, the goal is to make it easy for everyone to make ice cream recipes without having to have the necessary knowledge. It doesn’t just make a difference in knowledge, he says. It also saves development time and money. Calculating a recipe takes time, and sometimes also a number of attempts in practice. This time and all the ingredients all cost money, money that can be saved to a great extent in this way.

Ice Solution’s Features

Herman’s eccentricity is reflected in his ice cream calculator. Ice Solution currently has about 700 different flavors in the ice cream calculator to make ice cream, and this continues to grow, he says. There are also about 100 different sugars, sweeteners and sugar syrups available. In this way he wants to offer the possibilities as broadly as possible.

Sugars and sweeteners each have their own properties that can help you with individual ice cream types. Because a lot of sugars are not easy to obtain, or are offered very expensively, Herman chooses to offer them himself in his webshop.

Ice Solution

Ice Cream Portal